A Change of Gameplay

By blazex224 a - Posted Oct 27, 17

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed, I've been away for a while. This is of course because the school season has started, and we all have gotten busier. I've had less time to focus on this server, and as a result, nothing has been updated recently, and there have been little to no new players. I thought up some solutions to this with BakProject, and we have come up with some changes over the past few weeks that will be brought on to the server in a few days. These changes are towards more simplicity of gameplay, since it will be easier for us to manage. This means that we are removing bungee, and focusing on one server, one world. We did not want the gameplay to be too basic, however. There are a ton of plain survival servers, plain factions servers, etc., so we wanted to add a little twist that perhaps could show some uniqueness. This new gameplay will promote a more relaxed environment, a place for people to hang out and enjoy. The server will be in survival-mode no PVP, and with /fly enabled for everyone to enjoy exploring, building, and anything else.

Some more details:

- The server map will use the same generator as the current Adventure World, and will have a radius of over 15k by 15k

- /fly is enabled for everyone

- Survival is the main gamemode

- PvP is disabled, however PvP will be enabled in PvP arenas

- There will be a form of chest shop

- Loot chests will spawn throughout the world

- Players will have more available initial land claim blocks with GriefPrevention than currently allotted

- Current donors will be given more perks for their previous support (thanks!), which will be further discussed

- New donor ranks will consist of different perks

For current players:

- The current Adventure World map and Survival World map will be uploaded to this website for everyone to download :)

- Current voter ranks will be kept by all players

- It is currently being discussed if players will be able to receive their current items they have collected (technical things need to be sorted out)

If you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, or ideas, message me or comment on this thread. We are tailoring this experience to everyone currently playing, so you all get to decide. Thanks!

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