blazex224 a posted Jan 17, 18  -  Update

Hey everyone,

A lot has happened since the last news post.

We've released the new version of the server, as most of you are familiar with by now. BakProject has rolled out quests with more to come. Spawn has been slightly updated. Crates have been released. Custom mobs have been re-added. This is all stuff that is familiar to current players, so let's go over the more recent updates.

In the past week, this is what was added:

- Voter ranks now have bonus claim blocks for each rank, type /vote in-game to check out the ranks.

- $100 in-game money for each hour played.

- Spawn slightly updated, including the addition of the top balances leaderboard, recent voters leaderboard, recent donor leaderboard, and top donor leaderboard.

- Community donations goal was added - http://www.mcforest.net/forum/m/39555617/viewthread/31474703-towns-plugin-community-goal/post/134017459#p134017459.

Upcoming updates include:

- Lost Miners parkour quest (which some of you beta tested!) being officially added to the questing menu.

- Increase in RTP radius (to prevent random teleporting into spawn)

- Public shop chest area (rent a spot to sell your items using ShopChest)

- Taverly (You'll see what this is once it's complete)

- Money from killing mobs

- PvP Toggle

- Recruit rank application

If you have any suggestions, let us know!

For now, that's all. Remember to vote for rewards, and stay tuned for new updates! If you haven't joined our discord yet, we recommend it - https://discordapp.com/invite/x9VHFZv. We also have a 50% off sale for all donations ranks if you are interested in supporting the server!

Thanks for playing!