There have been a few recent bug fixes that should solve some ongoing minor issues. If you continue to see bugs, please comment here or make a more in-depth post on the forum.


  • Trading plugin removed for now (many items were getting randomly deleted)
  • MythicMobs fixed and updated
  • Parkour
  • Friends plugin updated
  • Spawners plugin updated
  • Jobs Plugin Updates
  • Voter ranks
  • Minor additional plugin updates

More updates are coming along. If you wish to help out, you can apply for a staff position or support us by donating.

There's some new ranks coming along in the staff section. Applications for these ranks will be available on this site when they are ready.

The new ranks will be Mob-Dev and Builder.

The Mob-Dev rank will be a rank for people who wish to create custom mobs for the server, and the Builder rank will help construct new areas for the server (such as parkour courses), and will have high-standards for the application. More information coming along for these ranks, however if you wish to learn about how to create mobs for the Mob-Dev rank, visit the MythicMobs website, This is the plugin we use to create mobs, and there are tutorials on the website to help you begin.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, post on the forum, or PM me or another staff member.

Thanks everyone!

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